Am Stram

I have very few memories of my childhood. What I do have are the pictures and videos my father carefully kept. It's from these images that, over time, I've been able to build my autobiographical memory. In family archives, there's always the question of what we keep and what we forget. The creation of family myth. But starting from this assumption, I have to admit that the memory I have created of my childhood is not my own, but the one my family has chosen to tell.
What would my memories be like if these archives were different?
Using screen captures of digitized cassettes, I've built this alternative family album, telling the exact opposite of the original. By replacing the old prints with the new ones, I created a narrative opposite to the first. It can be understood as the album's photographic negative.

"Am Stram" is presented with the video "CASSETTE 0" (3,37min), composed of three accidental videos of my father.

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