Photo credits : Philippe Grollier

Mathis Benestebe is a 21-year-old photographer. Born in Saint-Nazaire, he lives in Toulouse and graduated from the ETPA photography school in 2023. His work revolves around intimacy, autobiography and lack. His artistic process is driven by image experimentation and focuses on the feeling of containment.

Photography acts as tangible proof of his own reality. He's a photographer of control, he likes to think and plan. As if to materialize impalpable symbols as accurately as possible, he carefully chooses every element of his images. He is striving to find emotion where it hides.

Exhibitions / Screenings :

- «Ventricule gauche», collective exhibition , Zoom Photo Festival, Seix, may 2024
- «Erinlé», collective exhibition Queer Heroes in focus, Heidelberg, may 2024
- «Black-out», screening, DJTAL humain 2024 Prize finalists, Ergastule, Nancy, march 2024
- «Ventricule gauche», screening, IEFC, Barcelone, march 2024
- «Ventricule gauche», collective exhibition, Salon Amours V, Remèdes gallery, Paris, february 2024
- «Chimères»,  Rûm collective exhibition, OAG Kulturverein, Graz, december 2023
- «Chimères», Trigone screening, Carla-Bayle, november 2023
- «Je vous pri de dire que je suis vivan*», La clique screening, Centre d’art et de photographie de Lectoure, september 2023
- «Chimères», exhibition, Galerie des Publics, Les Abattoirs, Toulouse, may 2023
- «Chimères», collective exhibition, Le Cenquatre Paris, Circulation(s) festival, march 2023
- «Chimères», Queer Rising collective exhibition, La Fabrique, Toulouse, june 2022
- «Le dernier fil de la corde», Jeune Photographie Occitanie screening, ImageSingulières, Sète, april 2022
- «Chimères», exhibition, Espace Diversité Laïcité, Toulouse, may 2022

Publications :

- «Ventricule gauche», «Am Stram», «Erinlé» , publication, Der Greif Guest Room, 2023/2024
- «Chimères», publication, Rûm, december 2023
- «Black-out», publication, Fisheye magazine, november 2023
- «Ventricule gauche», publication, See-zeen, november 2023
- «Ventricule gauche», publication, Premier exemplaire magazine, september 2023
- «Am Stram», publication LightReadings, august 2023
- «Chimères», publication, i-D Vice, may 2023
- «Chimères», publication, Télérama, march 2023
- «Chimères», publication, Les coups de coeur Fisheye, march 2022